Two examination periods will be held per year. Each examination lasts 60 minutes. The examination consists of 5 parts:

Part 1: Listening

Task type: Multiple choice.
Format: ten unrelated dialogues of about 30 seconds’ duration, each followed by a 3-option multiple choice item. The candidates listen to a short dialogue, then choose the correct statement out of three options that are based on the dialogue. The recordings are dialogues between two interacting speakers (conversations, interviews, discussions, etc.).
Task Focus: identifying detail, understanding and interpreting information, specific information, gist, detail, main idea, function, purpose, attitude, opinion, etc.
NOTE: Each part is heard twice.

Part 2: Knowledge of Linguistic Means

Task type: Multiple choice.
Format: 18 multiple choice sentences (4 available options for each question)
Task Focus: lexical Topic areas. Marking Scheme: 18 items x 2 points = 36 points

Part 3: Knowledge of Language Functions

Task type: Multiple choice.
Format: 16 2-option multiple choice exchanges
Task Focus: lexico-grammatical. Marking Scheme: 16 items x 1 point = 16 points

Part 4: Reading

Task type: Multiple choice – True/False/Doesn’t say.
Format: Three short texts (60-100 words each) containing factual information related to the field of study; the first two texts are followed by two multiple choice questions each (3 available options for each question), while the third text is followed by two True/False/Doesn’t say questions.
Task Focus: Understanding detail, specific information, implication, attitude, reference and meaning.
NOTE: All the texts are related to the specific field of study.

Part 5: Writing Awareness

Task type: A gapped or jumbled text of approx. 200 words
Format: Gapped text – a text with five gaps to be filled with either one sentence from a choice of three or, one pair of sentences from a choice of six or, an appropriate word or, information from two short texts. Jumbled text – seven or eight paragraphs, of which five are to be organized into a text.
Task Focus: Recognition of writing features and language as required in their field of studies.

The structure of the examination is designed to meet the requirements of various fields, taught in vocational schools, technical colleges, institutes and universities.

The 60-minute examination will be administered online at UNICERT/ Express Publishing authorized examination centers.

For a sample test of these exams please download the following pdf:
Download Sample Test Pdf

For a general description of what the test will be like please download the following pdfs:
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For the International Vocational English Examinations Demo application please download the following zip:
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