Express Publishing was established in 1988 with the purpose of raising the standards of English language teaching. By producing a wide variety of innovative teaching materials, including course books, grammar books, exam materials, and supplementary readers, we have been satisfying the needs of students and teachers alike for almost 30 years. The company has enjoyed steady growth since its inception, and offers over 3500 titles sold in over 90 countries. Express Publishing has forged strategic partnerships with publishers across the globe, allowing it to become one of the leading ELT publishers in the world. Express Publishing is responsible for producing and globally administering the VEC Examinations. The University of Greenwich is responsible for the quality assurance and validity of the Vocational English Certificate.
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The University of Greenwich, home to one of the grandest university settings in the world (UNESCO World Heritage site), is a modern, leading university with strong links to business, whose many of its programmes include a work experience element. It has three campuses with the main one located on the banks of the River Thames in Greenwich, south-east London.

The university offers a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, including accounting and finance, chemistry, agriculture, computing, engineering, pharmacy, sociology and more.

The University of Greenwich has a thriving international community with students from 140 countries. English language tuition and academic support is provided to all international students whose first language is not English through the Centre for Applied Research and Outreach in Language Education (CAROLE). The mission of CAROLE is to study and develop knowledge of second language acquisition and to advance the quality of second language teaching and language learning.
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An expert in the field of certifications and general education, Universal Certificate Solutions – UNICERT aspires to establish a credible and fair certification scheme in the field of professional outlines on the international stage. UNICERT is accredited by The Greek National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP) and the Hellenic Accreditation System (ESYD), while its online examination system is operated in collaboration with the Research Centre of the University of Piraeus, Greece.

In partnership with Express Publishing, UNICERT is responsible for overseeing, and assuring the quality of the online examination procedure.
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